Harris Silicones & Glass (Pvt.) Ltd is the leading manufacturer of silicone products in Pakistan.

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Harris Silicones is the Leading Manufacturer of Sealants, Emulsions,
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Harris Silicones is one of the largest glass processors in Pakistan, having invested in a state of hte art glass processing facility as of 2010.

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Harris Silicones & Glass (Pvt.) Ltd. has successfully established an insulation glass manufacturing facility in Pakistan. Inslation glass units are multiple layered glass panes, that are filled with an inert gas such as argon. The glass panels are joined with a dual-seal system comprising of butyl and silicone, which gives it a moisture-impermeable seal with high structructural strength. The use of insulation glass is a requirement for any modern structure. The use of insulation glass has many benefits that are not present in traditional single-panel windows. Dry, inert gases such as argon are poor conductors of thermal heat, providing insulation. The use of insulation glass lowers the energy costs, alongside providing a more comfortable living. Although it may cost more than traditional single-pane glass, the benefits outweight the costs.


Harris Silicones: an Introduction


Harris Silicones & Glass (Pvt.) Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of silicone products in Pakistan. We are the largest manufacturer of silicone sealants, silicone emulsions and other products. In addition, we offer other products, such as silicone oils. We also offer solutions for insulation glass, such as desiccant and spacer bars.

We offer a comprehensive range of sealants, from structural silicones, weatherseals, and multi-purpose acetoxy sealants.

Our range of silicone emulsions provides high quality of emulsions at concentrations ranging upto 60% silicone. Our emulsions are widely used as mold releases and lubricants.


Dow Corning Construction Sealants


Harris Silicones is the authorized distributor for Dow Corning Contruction sealants in Pakistan.

We have Dow Corning sealants available in stock, and custom orders can be imported based on demand. We offer DC 895 Structural Glazing silicone, DC 791 Weatherseal and other DC Products.




Our company is focused on providing silicone-based solutions for your needs. We offer a wide range of sealants, emulsions and other silicone products. In addition to silicones, we also offer solutions for insulation glass. From fully assembled & manufactured glass, to solutions for other manufactureres, such as insulation glass sealant, structural sealant, spacer bars and dessicants.

We hope that our services may be of use to you, and that we can work with you in the future.


Silicone Sealant Applications

Silicone sealants have a wide range of uses & applications. Harris Silicones offers a large variety of sealants, each having a special set of characteristics designed for a particular set of applications.
Applications of silicone sealants are seen in every facet of life:

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